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12oz Amethyst & Rose Quartz Candle

Petty Palace

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Petty Palace handmade candles are made with love, unharmful waxes ,essential oils and raw natural crystals. Rose Quartz inspire compassion, emits a strong vibration of love ,supports emotional & relationship healing ,can protect you from depression, sleep disorders, boost feelings of calmness and fertility.

(Heart Chakra) 

 Amethyst enhances spiritual visions, enlightenment ,ability to convert lower vibrations into higher frequencies ,conducive to attracting affection, provides peaceful energy , blocks negative/stressful energies, stimulates serenity of the mind and is known for emotional and spiritual protection.

(Crown Chakra)

Clear Quartz is the master healer it amplifies your intentions for manifestation, enhances psychic abilities and can be used to unblock all chakras .

(All Chakras)